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Gem of a Card?

Posted by Alice Morland
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I discovered that I had a baby boy card to make, so thought it would be a good chance to try out the bow gem template on cream pearlised paper that I'd bought from Crafting Buddies at Ross Papercraft Show.

I didn't have any cards in that colour, so made a 5.5" square from lightweight cream pearlised card, backing the template onto the packaging card from my new clouds embossing folder (waste not, want not!).

Blue gingham ribbon went along the ribbon part, the bow was coloured with Copic pen all over, and the template dots still showed through.

Doing the gem filling was fun, but oh you need good light, good eyes and a lorra lorra gemstones!
Baby Boy
Now for the pink baby one...
Baby Girl
And of course, the Easter one. Using Ruth's embossing folder, ribbons, with pearls instead of gemstones -
Happy Easter


Ross Papercraft Show

Posted by Alice Morland
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Ross Papercraft Show Meadowbank Sports Centre Edinburgh
The craft group went adventuring over to Scotland's capital to explore the Ross Papercraft Show. We were well impressed. Free parking, cheap entry, reasonably-priced teas, coffees and snacks - interesting well-stocked stalls with friendly exhibitors, demos - we had fun!

There was more buzz than there had been at the ICHF craft fair in the SECC, so we hope this fair expands to Glasgow! We had conserved our spending so still found things to surprise there!
Alice's stash
Ruth's stash
I was entranced to find a small Hougie board - just right for carrying in my craft bag. It has centimetre score measurements on one side and inches on the other. I took green as I just knew that craftywhippet would go for pink! Mc Oyster from Cupar, Fife sold them and we had a great chat with Adrian.

We stocked up on decopatch papers for our next craft night. There was a lot of excitement over new rubber stamp designs and Jeanette went straight home and made a card with them! Hopefully, more details will follow. Lovely wee stencil dies for stringing on ribbon were so cute, how could we resist!
Ribbon Buttons
There were templates from Crafting Buddies for placing gemstones or pearls on - see the blog post coming up soon showing a couple of baby cards I've made.
We've also been busy with We R Memory Keepers Candy Box Punch Board and hope to have a new video on YouTube soon. It let us make wonderful cracker-type boxes for little Easter eggs! Loads of other possibilities abound...
Tasty Taster for video

 Have a joyful Easter yourselves.


Tatty Teddy helps Craft & Chat at the Glasgow Hospice

Posted by Alice Morland
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Brick by Brick is the Appeal to raise funds to build a new Hospice in Glasgow
As you may know we take voluntary crafting to the Day Centre at The Glasgow Hospice. Asking the patients beforehand if there are any specific cards they would like, we gather together all that is needed to make a complete card, in a cellophane pocket. Then on the day each patient chooses which one they would like to make up. Last time, since it is so close to Easter, we chose Tatty Teddy as the theme, but we use a variety of different styles month by month.

Any card packs that are unused are made up and added to others to sell at Deaf Focus, to raise funds for Atholl Centre Pitlochry.

We made a short video to show this.

These are examples of the cards.


Another Year!

Posted by Alice Morland
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It's birthday time again for Evan - two on 5 April. Disney Pixar Cars is his theme of the moment, so our card to him is a large 8x8" card decoupage (Craftsuprint cup457045_416) surrounded by a border of his favourite vehicles. The decoupage (papertole) is built up with silicone on the background, then matted and layered onto holographic card with the corners punched. A banner and a 2 placed on top finishes it all off.
Happy 2nd Birthday Evan
I printed an insert with still more images, from Mater's Tall Tales: a spin-off from the movies, which Evan loves, as the stories are much shorter. Mater and Lightning McQueen with (U.F.M.) Unidentified Flying Mater is so cute!
Card seen from above
Cars even made it onto the cake
Other themes running through the birthday are Fireman Sam, Lego Duplo, Brio and diggers. You can see the evidence around the room.
Studying the card intently


There'll be Bluebirds Over...

Posted by Alice Morland
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Ruth's set of Marianne Creatables
Plans can go awry. The craft group had in mind to decorate the second mask, but as one member was ill, we postponed that, and an on-the-wing card was churned out for us by Jeanette on her Grand Calibur using dies.

Beautiful glitzy paper was tried but proved very fibrous to cut. However, perseverance paid off and we got a result, though foil card was easier to work with.

Using Marianne Creatables dies, the birdcage and bird on branch were put through the machine and, with slender pieces of foam pad, laid on embossed backgrounds. The door on the cage actually opens, which is a nice touch. Looks like the bird flew free!

Yes, that did take all evening! We did an inordinate amount of talking compared with crafting, but hey, it was fun, and Ruth and I are known as Craft & Chat!


All Dried Out

Posted by Alice Morland
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First attempts
Jane brought along to the craft group all her moulds and we tried air-dried clay for the first time. The trick is not to handle the clay too much - some of us cottoned-on to the technique faster than others! The frames and large flowers are Martha Stewart moulds, the rose and sunflower are WOW moulds.
Martha Stewart Frame Mould
WOW Rose Mould
There are qualities in the clay, some more pliable than others. They were partly set by the time we finished and craftywhippet loaned me a box to carry them home. Unfortunately, putting the box on its side was not a great idea and a few got broken or bashed. They will gradually harden further over the next few days and then they should be decorated with the likes of Twinkling H2Os, Copic pens or Spray & Sparkle. We will see how they turn out! I've never been handy with clay so if they are usable it will be amazing.


Boxing Clever at Hobbycrafts

Posted by Alice Morland
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This is the box we made
As promised, here is an off-the-cuff video I took of us joining in a demo of box-making at the craft fair, now uploaded to YouTube. Charmain of Payper Box led us through the process, using flexible embossing powder and removable double-sided tape. Jeanette from our craft group was on hand to do a lot of the work, also videoing sections as I did a little bit of the crafting, while Ruth did nothing! It was a laugh for us anyway and I hope you enjoy watching.


Visit to Hobbycrafts Fair March 2014

Posted by Alice Morland
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It doesn't seem any time at all since Ruth and I were at the Craft Fair in November and here we are in March doing the rounds again! It's a great opportunity to stock up on basics and see what's new.

I look forward to practising some Tangles with the help of a book of examples, since I am prone to doodling while on the phone. It's usually treble clefs and cubes - I guess that makes me a musical mathematician LOL - seems appropriate! I also got a cracker boxmaker which looks like it might be fun and useful!
With permission, I filmed rubber stamped cards at Card IO, decopatch at Damselfly, card at Ross Papers and boxmaking at Payper Box. The results of our visit can be seen in a short YouTube video.

We hope to use the Card IO (formerly Tapestry) stamps on acrylic tubes, with the Day Centre patients at the Hospice. A quick tip we were given by the demonstrator is using alcohol-free baby wipes, dried-out, to rub in backgrounds to give an ink-dusted effect. The Inkylicious demonstrator uses a wet paintbrush to drag the colour; also a spray bottle of water pointed upwards drops a fine mist onto the background colours. We both bought the plastic sun and moon stencils to make ink dusting even easier!
Card IO Samples
More Card IO Samples
Demonstrator Hard at Work
Ann of Damselfly was on hand to give us advice on our decopatch technique, which leaves a lot to be desired. Jeanette of our craft group made a neater job, as she took her time. We were glad of the rest.
If only we could Decopatch like this!
Still to come, a demo of boxmaking, with Charmain of Payper Box. That will be a YouTube video on our Craft & Chat Playlist. Jeanette was with us too and helped with extra hands, since it's hard to film and craft without a tripod! This gave us another opportunity to have a seat while we crafted.
But at least our boxes are nearly finished
See you again soon.


Parliament of the Masked Owls

Posted by Alice Morland
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Well, here they are, the rest of the owls, it's taken time to gather them from where they flew off...
Russian Doll Owls
Baboushka Owls
Matrushka Owls
Slider Tree Trunk

It was a good kit and fun to make them up.

At the last Craft group we did something away from cards and tried to decorate Venetian Masks.
Plain Masks
Professionally Decorated Masks
They are white polypropylene and the idea is to paint and stick till they are all glitzy. This first attempt was a laugh. Three of us tried decorative silver spray paint into a carrier bag to contain the mess. We were gasping for breath and had to open the door to let air in or we would have been high on fumes! One was sprayed with gold Spray & Sparkle. Trouble was that they ran into rivulets. By far the most successful was Decopatch, so we are ALL going to do it that way the next time the Project is Masks. Sticking gems or flowers on improved matters, but mine is still to be finished to hide faulty parts.
Plain and partially-finished Masks
The only problem is how we are going to stick them on cards - LOL. Bye for now.


Owl be seeing you

Posted by Alice Morland
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The craft group met for the first time after Christmas and two of our birds flying off to sunnier climes for a while. Jeanette came up with a wee project which I'm not showing till the recipient gets the card!

MaryNSC this is right up your street! - Then we used a kit that I had been given by a friend and made up four owl cards with lovely gold-foiled tree trunk and sliding shutter over an owl, which unfortunately I forgot to photograph.
Hunkydory Twit Twoo Just for You
Both types of Cards made up
Yesterday I made up the four different Baboushka (Russian Dolls) owl cards, with silicone to attach them and their wings. The folds are very fragile though. Easy but cute.
My gingham Baboushka owls inside each other
My gingham Baboushka owls opened out to display
I've been making other birthday cards, including my Grandson's - which isn't until April - a clue is that Evan likes the Disney Pixar Cars DVDs Mater's Tall Tales - and of course a valentine card for hubby, but they also can't be revealed just yet.

Craftywhippet and I have been talking about making a video, but it's taking a long time to happen! Anyway, chat to you next time...

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